robinson 2L Club

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. -- As we wrap up Hispanic Heritage Month, which began September 15 and ends on October 15, Pulaski County Special School District showcases how two clubs partnered to celebrate and honor Hispanic Heritage Month.

The 2L (Two Languages) Club teamed up with the Library Club at Robinson High over the past 30 days to include all Hispanic cultures as they made crafts that represented Hispanic cultures and decorated the library. 

“Before Hispanic Heritage Month we decorated the library and many students have told us how awesome it looks,” said Melanie Medellin, 2L Club president and Robinson High junior. “We’ve also encouraged other clubs in the school to represent different types of Hispanics.”

The Library Club welcomed students from the 2L Club to showcase Hispanic culture. The partnership was a perfect fit for these student groups. Robinson High students participated in a Hispanic heritage inspired craft creating boxes and picture frames as part of the “maker space” in the library learning center. 

The 2L Club celebrates bilingualism, seeking to enrich student's lives through opportunities unique to knowing multiple languages.

“What I love the most about being part of the 2L club is how I get to share and hear the different experiences people have been through,” said Medellin. “Speaking two languages can be really hard and trying to learn and understand a second language as a kid can be very difficult. It’s really interesting to hear the different struggles and obstacles that people went through when learning a second language.”

Each month, various school clubs can decorate the doors outside the Library Learning Center. For Hispanic Heritage Month, the 2L Club decorated the doors, the library created displays of Hispanic authors and their books and hosted the makerspace event.